Tuesday, February 3, 2009


A busy but relaxing day. We went to the aquarium this morning and had a great time. There were only a few people there...no bus loads of kids for field trips. The horseshoe crabs, the sharks, the wonderful sea turtle, the creepy eels, the graceful stingrays, the brightly colored clown fish, and my personal favorite...the weedy sea dragon....all just so great! Then we were back to the condo for some lunch and nap time. I used some of that time to get 3miles of running in today. When nap time was over we were off to the pool again. Lots of swimming and splashing. Then we went back up to the condo for dinner and bath time... a little playing and watching cartoons, then the girls were off to bed. I got my American Idol fix and my fix of Fringe. Seriously good show. Like x-files meets 21st century. Sorry no pictures from today, but here are a couple from yesterday. It was too cold for hanging out on the beach today but it's still nice to see it and hear it. After all that running and swimming I am just about beat. I also got in some reading and some crocheting...aahhhh, vacation. I also washed dishes, washed some laundry, cooked...hmmmm, reality. miss E soaking it all in...and scoping out the best group of seagulls to chase
one of my favorite pics, by far...miss O and daddy looking for the best shells
too bad the water is ice cold...still loving being here though

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Adrienne said...

I love that picture too! That's definitly a framer!