Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pink hat::mission accomplished

Okay, so I encountered several problems along the way in this pink hat journey of mine. Most of the problems, okay, okay, all of the problems, were my own fault. It all started with the type of yarn that I used. I haven't purchased any yarn...I am using the stash that my grandmother so graciously bestowed upon me so I used the lovely pink. I don't plan on buying any yarn until I am super proficient and need a specific type of yarn. The second problem was the size of my hook. Yes, the pattern called for size H, and Simple Beans used a size I...well all I have at this point is a size J(6mm) and some very small hooks that my mom bought for me (sizes 3.25mm down to 2mm) which I used to make my red Lotus Cuff...love it! Anyway, the point is, size J was too big...hence the big hat. Thankfully when I was making all of those hearts for Valentine's Day I learned how to do increases and decreases... so on the third attempt at making this hat I decided to include a decrease stitch at regular intervals all the way around for rd 11 and 12. It seemed to be working out great. The hat was becoming more hat like...and much smaller to fit my ever-so-lovely, pea-sized head. Then came the band. That, my dear friends, was a problem unto itself. Now, since I decreased the circumference of the hat I knew I would be using fewer stitches for the band but the band was starting to bow out like a...like a,....hmmmmm, well, let me think....I guess like a bell. I obviously had to deal with that because it would do no good for the body of the hat to fit my head if the band was going to stick out and not touch my head at all. Ugh, what a dork. So after rereading the band directions for the gazillionth time, which said to use dc, I decided to alternate rows of dc with sc to see if that would make it more in line with the circumference of the hat. Ya know what? IT WORKED!!!!! I cannot believe that in my quest to make such a cute hat, with all of the changes that I made, that it actually came out looking like a hat! And it fits! Okay, I know it's as pink as bazooka bubble gum, but it's my first hat and it fits me not Andre the Giant. I'm so excited! Wanna see it?

Well? What do you think? Yes, I know it's really pink. Look past the color and look at the hat. Ahhh, isn't that better? Now, what do you think? I certainly think it's a great pattern and worth making again. Maybe next time I'll actually follow all of the directions. Okay, probably not all of the directions. I wouldn't make a button hole. I didn't on this one. I just sewed the button on through both layers so it would look buttoned. No need in actually making one, right? I debated over which button to use. I had a brown one that was cute, but that pink one is from my newly gained vintage stash and it was exactly the same bubble gum shade of pink so I just had to use it. I put a larger pearly white flat button under in just for fun. Now all I need is a matching skinny pink scarf like this or maybe these in solid pink.

Upon seeing my face up close like this it seems that I need to start using some anti-wrinkle cream...maybe start wearing some make-up every once in a while. And I definitely need to get some sun. Come on spring! Bring it on!


Big Gramma said...

Love the pink hat, theres nothing wrong with pink. And the face is very pretty. Love ya.BigG

Angela said...

Thanks Mama!

Kim Yeatts said...

you TOTALLY (as O would say) CRACK me up!
I love the hat...and I agree with your mom about your face, too!