Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As I got up this morning and took the daily sunrise pictures I saw something surprising...SNOW FLURRIES!!! It's super cold and super windy today, but the beach is still beautiful and the dolphins are still frolicking. I don't think we'll be strolling on the beach today and we don't have any set plans today but, wait! Do you hear that? I think it's the heated pool calling me. The kids are enjoying some cartoons and I'm finishing up a cuppa joe then maybe we'll go for a swim.


Big Gramma said...

Hi there Beach lovers!! IT sounds like you are all having a fabulous time. I am so happy that you have gotten away for a time and are enjoying the beach! I love the pictures, makes me want to go to the beach too!!Have you showed them the tarzan swim yet?? BigG

Zoƫ said...

Snow Flurries!!! In Feb????? What is happening in to this world:) Enjoy the heated pool.