Monday, February 2, 2009

snipets of today

This morning the sunrise was absolutely beautiful, the ocean was like glass, and the wind was been almost non-existent, which helps it feel much warmer. We started off our day watching people taking a horseback ride on the beach. Seriously, how cool is that? Very, that is until one guy's horse decided he was done and wouldn't go anywhere. The guy got off and tried to make the horse go, but it just kept walking in circles. Hmmm, maybe you should check the saddle, dude. Maybe it's too tight. Anyway, the horses were a lovely surprise. After seeing some horses, we decided to go for a swim. There was a kiddie pool (3" to 1'), a grown up pool (3'-5'), and a lazy river...all indoor and as warm as bath water. One quick cute thing...when we were discussing the pools before we went down miss E asked if the "kitty cat" pool was for kids. *smile* Fun, lots of fun...but shriveled up to pruny in less than an hour. And no, Kim, there was no racing this time. Thankfully my little ones are not ready for that, because I'm not ready to lose another race! After drying off and having a snack we went out on the beach for a while. The sun was shining so it was really nice. Oh, and there were a gazillion dolphins frolicking in the waves really close to shore.
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There were shells to be found and seagulls to chase. Oh, it was just a wonderful time. We are so thankful for such a wonderful day. It's supposed to be colder the next couple of days so we really soaked it up.
I wish you could smell the air. There's nothing like it...warm and salty....oh, and the sand. Nothing like walking in the sand. This pic is for you, Adrienne!

And just so you know, I was a good girl and took advantage of the fitness room today...3 miles on the treadmill with a view of the beach as the tide came in and a flatscreen tv with the channel set on espn. What? Do they think that women want to watch that, too?
On the agenda for tomorrow...Ripley's Aquarium! Yea, baby!


Adrienne said...

Ahhh ... so nice! You wouldn't be barefoot here - it snowed!!!! Not much but a nice little dusting. So nice to see painted toenails ... mine haven't seen the light of day in some time ;-D

Zoƫ said...

I have been so busy I have not been on your blog in a while. So you can not imagine how happy I was to see all that wonderful water. I wish I was there.

Kim Yeatts said...

This is great...horses, dolphins, shells, painted toes...not much is better!
Wish I was there with you!