Sunday, June 8, 2008

the dresses and the peaks of otter

Okay, so here are the girls in their birthday dresses...not at all to be confused with their birthday suits! ;=) What do you think? Well, upon closer inspection you will notice that Miss E's tie is wrapped around her then tied in the back. She likes really long strings on her bows, but I got a little carried away. I thought about cutting them to a more reasonable length, but she wants to keep them long. Now, I fully intend on finishing the skirt that I started for myself last summer...ugh! Poor little skirt...neglected. After that is done I am going to make another dress for the girls using a new
pattern that has lots of gathers and some ruffles OR a vintage pattern that is more simple but has a super cute collar. I haven't decided, but I have lots of fabric screaming to get out of the box!

Now for yesterday's adventures. We took a little trip to the Peaks of Otter with Grandma & Pop. We saw a doe, a deer, a female deer standing on the side of the road. They're pretty tame up there, used to being around people. Then, a little further down the road, in the grass lying down, we saw a fawn. Oh, so cute. Looked just like Bambi. The girls really enjoyed that! When arrived we went into the nature room. There was a nice nature guide in there that showed the girls all kinds of stuff. She shared lots of information and was great with the hands-on stuff. The girls got to touch the turtles. The male had orange eyes and orange spotted legs...very cool, I love orange. Then we go to watch the turtle get breakfast...celery, eggshells, and live worms. They didn't care for the celery and eggshells, but the live worms were a hit! It was fun to watch them snap them up. There was also lots of animal skins. It was neat to compare the softness of the furs. The bear was our favorite part! Then it was time to take the bus up the mountain. There is no way the girls could have hiked the whole thing. Thank goodness the bus goes most of the way up. Only 1500 feet to hike up after we got off the bus. It was the girls first bus ride! They were pretty excited. It was a nice breezy day, although hot. The girls did great. It was their first time up that high. I should have gotten more pictures, but I did manage to get one of Tim smiling! After we went back down the mountain (Sharp Top) we drove to the picnic area by the creek to have lunch. We ate quickly then headed down to the creek to play. The water was nice a cool. Pop and the girls gathered up some rocks to build a dam so the water would be deeper. Miss E kept throwing them as far as she could instead of stacking them, but she enjoyed it! Miss O did a great job picking up the biggest rocks she could find. It was a great trip. We all had fun and no one got hurt! Oh, the light was nice in the woods by the picnic area so I had to take a picture looking up.


Zoƫ said...

Sounds like a great day. I love when days turn out "just right".

The dresses are wonderful! I think you should skip blogging tomorrow and work on your skirt;) I am almost done my bag. I just have the binding on the top ( I say just, but it might be hard.) I am hoping to get it done by swim class on Wen. I have been telling the ladies there about it and this is the last class.(no presser;)

Hope to see photos of your skirt soon.

~ANG said...

Zoe, thanks for the encouragement. I hope to finish my skirt soon. It just seems easier to finish a project quicker if it's for someone else.