Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dreamcicles and daydreams

Have you ever smelled something or heard a song that made you remember something that you hadn't thought about in years? Oh man, it's the craziest thing, because then you get caught in a daydream and you want to remember every detail of that moment. So today my girls were wearing these adorable orange and white sundresses from Aunt Mel, my sister, and it

made me think of dreamcicles. Then,BOOM, I love dreamcicles. I know this, it's not a surprise, but I always forget about them. weather is hot.perfect for dreamcicles.need to go to store...then *poof*! Gas is over $4.00 a gallon...I'm not going to the store just for dreamcicles. Okay, so then while we're in the garden picking radishes..really hot radishes that the girls won't eat...BOOM I have a flashback to a beach trip where some relatives, which shall remain nameless, were eating little radishes...cough-sniff..cough-sniff...cough-sniff...Okay, they're hot and make you cough and make your nose run...so stop eating them already!..I screamed to myself inside my head. Oh, my sister could see it in my eyes that I was about to lose my cotton-pickin' mind, so to push me over the edge help me out, she starts the coughing/sniffing/coughing/sniffing to make me forget about the sound...because now I have to concentrate on not laughing out loud. If I laughed I would then have to explain why I was laughing since no one said anything funny...I mean, come on Ang, after all, we're all just sitting around having a little snack, what's so funny? *poof* That one's gone because now I am picking those sneaky little suckers off my tomato plants and BOOM, I am on my grandparent's farm. We spent a lot of summers there, and my grandma always smelled like the tomato plants. Mmmmm it does smell good, now my hands smell like hers and I hope my girls will love that smell, too. *poof* Oh, and one more today. First, our backyard is like a field of clover, really smart clover, that grows really close to the ground so even if I cut the grass the flowers stay intact. All of that to say, I hate bees. It's genetic I think because while watching them swarm around me in the yard as I hung the laundry on the clothesline, BOOM, I remembered countless times at the farm during the summer stopping halfway down the long driveway, screaming because of bees in our baby blue Pinto, jumping out of the car, shooing them, trying to get them out so we could get back in. Now, you know we weren't getting back in until the bees were out! *poof*Now that I am a mature, brave, adult I should have no fear of bees, right? Sorry, I still tend to move away quickly while stifling my tendency to scream like a little girl. I am trying to overcome the fear of stinging creatures by getting some cool close-up photos. So, say hello to my little friend. Yes, I have a zoom lens so I wasn't really that close :o) but isn't he cool...from a distance?!

Now here are some other random flashbacks caused by smells and sounds that hit me every once in a while. When I burn something when I'm cooking, that doesn't happen very often...a-hem, anymore, but it always reminds me of my mom singing "Heaven came down and glory filled my soul" Oh, the burnt toast! Our apartment kitchen would fill with it, probably because I messed with the settings or something, but I blocked all of that out, but every time the kitchen was filled with burnt toast smoke she would sing that song! Also, every time I rake leaves or hear Purple Rain I think of raking the leaves with my sister when we were young. She would put her Prince tape in the boom box and play it really loud while we raked. I can see my sister dancing around the front yard using the rake as a guitar while we sang and acted crazy. Okay, it was in the 80's and we were trying to make the never-ending chore of raking mountains of leaves a little more fun.
Okay, that's all for now. Thanks for joining me in my daydreams...now, I think I need a dreamcicle :o)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Love love love the blog- its super great! The girls are really cute but how come there are no pictures of you? Come on and add some- I am sure the world would love to see who they are writing to.

The Daly Family said...

Angela...missing you. I love your blog. I could only dream of being such a great writer and so creative as you are. Can I get some lessons on how to spice up my blog when I come back to VA? Hope so!!! Yours is great and I do know about smells bringing you back...it happens to me all the time. Love it! (well, most of the time!some things I would rather forget!)LOVE YOU ALL!

~ANG said...

Thanks Mel...I'm glad you love the blog. It's hard to add pictures of myself...I don't really have any since I'm the picture taker. I'll see what I can do though.
Theresa, you are missed. I'm glad you're having fun in NJ though. Thanks for considering me a great writer and creative...I tend to call it controlling perfectionism :o)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just went on a backflash adventure there myself! We had a pinto too! :) It was tan and that wood grain look. :) *poof*

~ANG said...

Niiiiiice! The wood grain was so, uh, so cool? It's always good to know that we were not the only ones with a pinto :o)

Anonymous said...

Ang, I love the blog too How come all those memories of bees in the car and burnt toast makes me cry? I miss all the great times we had together when you both were young.
Love Ya.