Tuesday, June 3, 2008

puppy party pics...and more

What a busy morning. We had a fun tea party playdate with the M sisters. Thanks Heidi, we had a lot of fun. I cleverly kept it a secret until we drove up to their house. I usually keep play dates a secret just in case we have to cancel...which saves me from having to explain and saves the girls from boo-hooing about it. Plus, it's fun for them to guess where we are going. So now the girls are taking a nap and I can post some more pictures from the birthday festivities...and some other random things. So lets start with the puppy dress that I made. It has long tie ribbons in the back, you just can't see them. The only things missing are the buttons on the bodice. The fabric store had the perfect buttons, but they were broken so I obviously couldn't buy them. I'll have to swing by there one day this week to see if they got any more yet. The buttons were brown dogs with green collars...matched the dress perfectly. If they don't have them when I go check I'll get some little buttons shaped like dog bones...that'll be cute, too. No, I don't have a picture of Miss E wearing the dress yet...she said it needs buttons first.

Next is the bean bag game. Okay so I made 8 bean bags and a cute matching bag to carry them in. It all turned out great and right now we're making our own targets in the yard out of sticks, or chalk, or frisbees. But I am working out a plan in my mind to make it a complete game with either a target board(you know, with holes cut out of it) or some sort of fabric circles that are weighted (varying sizes for different points to earn). Back to the bean bags. I found bandannas at Walmart that had paw prints. So I got a black one with white paw prints and a hot pink one with black prints and white prints. So cute, really..and only 94 cents each. First, I lined them up and cut out 8 squares, each being 4 inches. They came out really cute, black on one side, pink on the other. Then I filled them...one bag of black beans did the trick. Yes, I like to use beans...they don't call them bean bags for nothin'. Great, got that done, but I had a lot of bandanna fabric left over, and it was so cute. I had to make a matching purse to carry the bean bags. Thankfully, I had some solid hot pink fabric in my stash so I made a purse shape (sketched desired purse shape on paper, cut out, used as pattern) solid pink on outside, pink paw print as the lining. Then I used the black paw print cut two 5 inch wide strips(the entire length of bandanna) sewed those end to end then lined it with the solid pink. Then sewed the long 5inch wide strip to the purse sides. Tied ends of strap in cute knot to show both hot pink and black paw print. I had some extra black paw print left so I cut out a bone shape and sewed it to the outside of purse on solid pink. I didn't finish the edges. No, not because I'm lazy, (okay maybe I am just a little) but I like the frayed look and after I wash it the edges will be perfect. Miss E loves it. The only things I would change would be to have longer strap, put fusible webbing on the bone to make it a little more stiff, and to make the bottom a little more solid somehow, yet still washable. But, she loves it, I'm pleased with the outcome. Now all I have to do is get the idea that is in my head drawn on paper, then sewn into reality. Piece of cake!....Mmmmm cake.

Okay,just two more things today. First, my boss friend Ginny gave us a bag of hand-me-downs the other day. Her daughter is a little older than Miss O, so some of the new-old clothes fit Miss O and some fit Miss E. Yippee! Two happy girls. What adorable clothes they are. They chose these outfits first and had to model them for me. Sickening isn't it?...how cute they are! Second, the other day it was nice and warm and the girls wanted to paint with their water colors.
Miss O - Mom can I paint?
me - I guess so.
Miss E - Me too, me too!
me - I know! Why don't we paint outside...it's nice a sunny, it'll be fun!
Miss O and E - Yay!
Yeah, I'm smart like that :o) No splatter-y mess in my house...hee hee. I got some really cute pictures I thought you might enjoy.
They had some great fun. I love these pictures...and this is just the beginning of summer. There's so much more fun to come!


Zoƫ said...

OK the dress is way cute! and I love the bean bag game. I might have to try it.... sometime.... maybe...if I find the time;)

I love doing inside stuff outside in the summer.

~ANG said...

Thanks Zoe! After I get the buttons I'll take a picture of the girls in their dresses so you can see them.