Friday, June 13, 2008

playdates, privacy, and promises

Yesterday we had a play date at the house of my friend Mandi. It was a lot of fun. The girls really enjoyed their time together playing dress-up, making a craft, then digging in the dirt. It is tradition now for the four girls to make a craft together, little brother just watches for now. I'm sure when he's a little older he'll want to be right in the middle of it all :o) Anyway, we made windsocks, very simple windsocks. A few supplies, a few little girls, and lots of ribbon and tape. Do they look happy?!

This morning I realized that the amount of privacy I have is very slim. Even when I shut my bedroom door to get dressed for the day there are always some little fingers and toes peeking under the crack. Privacy? Who needs privacy?Okay, so last week I bought some finger paints. My girls have never had that pleasure. It's been sitting on the shelf taunting them. Well, yesterday they asked if we could paint I promised we would finger is the day. I am keeping my finger painting promise. I hope they enjoy it. I also promise to not worry about a mess. (we'll be,yeah?) I promise to let their creativity blossom.(I won't hover) I promise to take pictures. (gotta capture it) I promise to update later.
UPDATE: It all began with one little finger tip...but then they got the hang of it. They enjoyed mixing the colors and smearing it all around. What fun! I promise those are happy faces they are making :o)


Erin said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Isn't blogging awesome?? I love making new "friends" and realizing that there are people all over that could be a good friend if they lived next door... smile. It's so true, it really is a small world!

Your family is adorable and you are the kind of mom I hope to be some day! Fingerpainting, playing, enjoying my kids, awesome!

Stop by any time, I will do the same!

Have a great day! Let us know how the fingerpainting turned out! :)

Zoƫ said...

Please tell me how you made the wind socks. Elijah would love to do that.

I hope the paints where fun. Outside is the right way to go!

~ANG said...

Erin, thanks for girls had a blast!
Zoe, outside is always a good idea, especially at craft time.
Okay, so the windsock was just an oatmeal container cut in half...I also cut off the bottom so I would have two tubes from one container. Then I cut some paper that was a couple inches taller than the oatmeal tube (so I could fold the edges over and tape) and a couple inches longer so the paper would overlap..then more tape to hold it in place. But before taping the paper on the tube the girls decorated the paper to make it pretty...crayons, stickers, etc. After that paper was decorated I taped it to the tube, folded the edges over and taped it down on the inside. Then poked 3 holes (evenly spaced) around the top, attached the string and tied the three strings together so it could be hung, or held onto while running. Then I taped streamers and ribbon to the bottom of the tube. Quick, easy, cheap, fun.

~ANG said...
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