Thursday, June 12, 2008

thankful thursday

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God in all my remembrance of you. Philippians 1:2-3

one - a break from the extreme heat...after a week of high humidity and 100 degree temperatures it is nice to have an 80 degree day with low humidity (my curly frizzy hair is thankful, too!)

two - funny little girls that say funny things...let me explain. Miss E is three years old now, but she always says I'm free, I'm free! Also, while we had the pool out the other day it was hot so I had my feet in the water. Miss O kept pouring water on my feet saying it was cool refreshment! How kind :o) ...then Miss E wanted a turn and said it's cool fresh mint. I tried to correct her by saying re-fresh-ment... she said yeah, fresh mint. Also, we checked out a book from the library about different sayings. The book was called "You Let the Cat Out of the Bag." Very funny. Miss O devoured it and began using the sayings. Her favorite, which she has used in the right context, is fly off the handle. It's really funny to hear a 5 year old use that phrase.

three - the best librarians in the world...okay I know I've been thankful for that before, but this time Mrs. Daniel was super helpful and encouraging yesterday when we were at the library. Right now Miss O is fascinated by all things Chinese. It started with a chapter book about a boy from China called "Bird Boy" We are loving it, so Mrs. Daniel found more books for us to go with the theme. She knows that I homeschool and it was like she could see my "unit on China" wheels turning :o)


Anonymous said...

I love Thankful Thursdays!! I always look forward to them. Is this a site/club that you belong to to do those or on your own? I may want to join.

~ANG said...

Thanks Amy. Thankful Thursday is just a thing I came up with. I had seen Wordless Wednesdays and Ten on Tuesday on other blogs and liked the idea. I, however, am not wordless...but 10 things takes too long since I have little ones. But the alliteration is nice so I thought of thankful thursday...I like to find just the right verse and think about things I am thankful for that sometimes get taken for granted. You're more than welcome to join in or leave a comment of something you're thankful for, or do both! I do love comments :o)

Anonymous said...

you're back...or I'm back...or something...I found you again! I haven't seen you in such a while and then when I couldn't figure out why you weren't blogging, I worried. I don't know how all that happened with my favorites saving one month. Oh well, it is nice to be back. I enjoy your blog and checking in with you this way.

~ANG said...

I'm glad you found me again. Hopefully we will see you sometime soon!