Wednesday, June 4, 2008

got coffee? me neither.

Let me just start by saying that my head is screaming for a cuppa coffee. Oh, why did I not buy more. I ground the last of it yesterday and forgot to get more. I knew it was getting low, but I just forgot...why?! why?! Glass half full = thank goodness we still had some Pepsi leftover from Miss E's party on Sunday. Oohh..I could have a cup of tea, I suppose. If I'm still coherent at the end of this post I might give it a whirl.
Today is library day so this morning that's where we went. Some of our friends were there. We had a nice time...and we checked out Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode One. I know, I know. Why would I want to see that? Well, Miss O wants to see a "real" pod race and there is a really cool one in this movie. There's no way she could watch the whole movie...too long, too intense, too weird, too many alien things...but the convenience of scene selection makes it possible to show her some cool, yet not scary, parts of the movie.
After I hung a load of laundry I checked on my garden. We had huge storms last night with tornado watches and all. I do love a good thunderstorm, but come on, right after the girls go to bed? Glass half full = my girls aren't scared of thunderstorms because Tim and I love them. So even though they heard the thunder and felt the house rumble there was no whining or crying. Tough chicks, huh? :o) So as I was saying, I checked my garden to see if anything got beaten to the ground. All of my plants were just as perky as they could be. And, and, and, I have some serious tomatoes growing on my lemon boy plants! Oh yeah, I'm going to have some good salsa this summer. You wanna know why? cilantro is coming up nicely too, that's why! I can almost taste it. Oh, and the radishes (the seeds that Miss O chose) are almost ready to pick. Maybe another week or so...mmm, so good in a salad. Gorgeous, I tell you. There is nothing prettier than planting something, taking care of it, and having it grow so nicely producing the things we love to eat. The girls help with the weeding and when it's harvesting time, they'll help with that, too. Do you know kids that hate veggies? Help them plant a garden...I bet they'll eat the plants they grow...or at least try them.
On another thought completely (see, without coffee I'm a little ramble-y...okay maybe it's just me) Miss E got a new quilt for her bed, so did Miss O since they share a room. The girls love them...very cute. need caffine.must go.can't stop yawning.must go nowwwwwww.

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