Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new discoveries

1. I have discovered that I don't like to see paint brush lines when I paint. I've never really paid much attention to the trim before, but since I am painting it myself, I've been looking at it up close and personal. finishing the trim + perfectionism = anxiety! Husband to the rescue...small roller instead! I am so thankful I married a genius :o)

2. I have discovered that my tiger lilies are blooming! Orange is one of my favorite colors and lilies are my favorite flower. orange + lily = beauty

3. I have discovered that pools are fun for moms, too. The pool we got for the girls to play in this summer is big enough for all of us. 100 degrees + pool = relief

4. I have discovered that I am better as something than my husband...Wii Fit. It's a balance thing. my name + highest score = it's about time! He's better at just about everything else...and I'm okay with it, really!

5. I have discovered that one of my blogging friends,Zoe, is way better at sewing than she ever let on. You've got to go check out the great bag she just made. fabulous end result + picture to prove it = motivation to make something great!


Anonymous said...

Love it!--and the equations are great! :o}

Zoƫ said...

You are so sweet. Thank you. I did not know I could make that bag myself , so just feel motivated.

~ANG said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. Amy,the equations are the math teacher in me trying to emerge :o)
Zoe, thanks for the motivation!

~ANG said...
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