Monday, June 30, 2008

my brain is full... is my camera.

...Old Navy had a $1 flip-flop sale so we went to get the girls some new ones. Believe it or not, I didn't get any for myself...self-control :o) Okay, so all they had left, by the time we got there, were black ones. No pink, no purple, no periwinkle, just black. But black goes with everything, so this is perfect. Oh, no it's not...they're not fancy, princess-y, or cute. No problem...we can make them cute. So we did! Here's a before and after.

...Do you love limes? Do you love lemonade? Oh man! You're gonna love this drink then. Over at Once Upon a Time there is a great recipe for Brazilian Lemonade. As soon as I saw that recipe I wanted to try it. So when I went grocery shopping and the limes were 4/$1.00 I knew I had to try it out right away! Yippee! I made the drink and it was sooooo good! We all loved it. It's a great summer-y drink. We had some left over so I poured into an ice cube tray to freeze it. Today I threw it in the blender and made a nice Brazilian Lemonade slushie! Yummy! I'll be making it again soon. You've gotta try it...if you love limes, that is.

....We went down to the river yesterday to go for a nice walk. A long cool summer shower passed over while we were there. Thankfully, the trees formed a nice canopy for us so we didn't get soaked. I got some great pictures though. We found a plant with some great big leaves, huge, gigantic, enormous leaves. It was like being in Jurassic Park...minus the dinosaurs. We also saw a deer cross the path not too far in front of us...I got a picture...of it's butt! Sorry, it was on it's way escaping the sounds of my not-so-quiet girls. At least I have a picture to prove we saw it. I also got a cool shot of a raindrop hitting a puddle. The blackberry bushes were lining the yummy looking...but not ripe yet. Oh, I'll be back for those....if the deer doesn't eat them all first. There was a beautiful mimosa tree on the trail that I really wanted to get some good pictures of , but it was raining too hard for me to get a decent shot. more thing...I went to Once Upon a Child the other day and found two dresses, one for each of my girls in the perfect size, matching, and only $1 each. Oh yeah, I'm a bargain bird...Cheap!Cheap! Worth every penny...all 200 of 'em :o)


Anonymous said...

First of all.. is there anything better than awesome deal?? Dresses? Shoes? Way to be frugal!

Secondly, great idea with the shoes! They are adorable and I am sure you had tons of fun making them.

~ANG said...

I love a great bargain! However, my little one, who loves her cute flip flops, has already picked four pompoms off of hers. What a little stinker...I guess I'll go get the glue..again :o)

Zoƫ said...

Love the shoes, love the photos, love the dresses.

Great job! Sorry I have been away and not commenting, busy busy busy, but I miss reading your blog so I am getting back on it now!;)

~ANG said...

Thanks Zoe, glad you're back!