Tuesday, June 17, 2008

keepin' busy

Yesterday was gone before I knew it. We spent the morning together as a family then we spent the evening at a friends house for a playdate dinner. I didn't take my camera with me :-O I know, shocking. So there is an event now that is completely undocumented. Oh, we had such a great time. The food was great...thanks again Theresa, and the company was great, too. The kids had fun playing nicely together and the grown-ups had some nice relaxing conversation. Note to self: have dinner with friends more often. I do have some pictures of our very first garden harvest. Tim picked these, but there are so many more that the girls will get to pick some, too. Then maybe they'll give them a try...
cherry belle radishes...hot and crunchy!

Oohhh..I almost forgot, I also have more lilies blooming. This time it's Canna Lilies. They are beautiful and so tropical looking...makes me think of Moloka'i every time they bloom.

So far today we I have washed the laundry and hung it all on the line, changed the sheets, cleared out the clutter in my room, straightened the toy shelf in the girls' room, and blew up the pool (with a pump of course) so the girls could go for a little dip. The water was cold still when they got in so they kept getting out to warm themselves in the sun. I tried out my zoom while they were lying still. Niiiiice.

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Zoƫ said...

I think that you might be to close to the spiders web or the you are focusing on something behind the web. So try moving back a bit and then crop it with something like photoshop ... or try turning off the auto focus. I think it should be on the lens (that is where it is on my canon. e-mail me if you have more questions. zoe.rickenbach@gmail.com

I love the closeups!!! I always love photos that "gets the kid" and they are not looking at the camara.

I took a great on-line photo class that you might be like. Let me know if you want to know more about it.