Friday, July 4, 2008

happy 4th of july

So, I'm posting a short one today since it's family time. I made the girls some cute dresses for the festive holiday. Boy, oh, boy...these expressions show how different they are.

Okay, over at The King's Table there was a link to see how good of a citizen you are. So to celebrate our wonderful country, click here to see how much you really know! :o)

Happy 4th of July!!!


Zoƫ said...

Cute dresses. How hard was the top part? I love there expressions!

Happy 4th

~ANG said...

Oh, Zoe, now I must confess that I'm a cheater. The material was already elasticy at the top, so all I had to do was sew one straight seem, then add the ribbon straps. I am happy to tell you that I'm almost done with my skirt...all I have left is the zipper. I did go out of my comfort zone and use my blind hem was pretty cool and it worked!!! I watched a little video on utube first that gave me a little confidence :o) Hope you're having a great holiday!

Adrienne said...

That is hysterical! My boys are the same way ... different! Love the dresses. You had asked about fabric - I'm going to post next week some links to where I find all my goodies. Happy day!

~ANG said...

Oh boy, Adrienne, I'll be looking forward to finding out where you get all your goodies!

Anonymous said...

YOU.. are sweet to mention my post/blog.-- Appreciate that, GF!

Oh my... cute dresses! Dresses and flip flops in the same week! You're awesome, Mom! :o}

jamie in rose cottage said...

Cute dresses!