Wednesday, July 16, 2008 the library????

Oh boy, did we have fun at the library today. Have I mentioned that we have the best library in the world? Oh yeah, I have. There was a reptile show. Yeah, lizards, snakes, and turtles. No crocs. It was a husband and wife team that has a reptile farm. They have four kids...they helped at the end of the show. From a teacher's point of view I was impressed with their presentation and information delivery. They were very energetic but kept control of the large group. They had several types of lizards, a few different of snakes (baby ones), and a couple of turtles. From a mom's point of view, I was fascinated that they kept everyones attention for an hour. I was also impressed with how they handled all of the little kids that wanted to share their stories instead of asking/answering questions. We got to pet a bearded dragon. Very cool. If we ever had a reptile for a pet, that's what we would choose. They don't get big like iguanas and they are pretty mild mannered. I was proud of my girls' bravery. They didn't act all girly and scared of the reptiles. They were excited, interested, intrigued, and amazed! Here are some pictures. Sorry for the poor quality, but the lighting was not good, and I wasn't very close.

Ball Python

Tortoise...sorry I can't remember which kind.

Chameleon...very cool, very cool.

Leopard Gecko
I can't remember the name of this little lizard either. It's the kind that runs so fast it can run on the surface of water...they call it a "Jesus lizard"
Our favorite..the Bearded Dragon
Corn Snake
I have a few more pictures, not very good ones. We had a great time. Learned a lot. Gained an appreciation for the reptile family. What a great trip to the library!


Zoƫ said...

Very cool. I can never remember the name of the Jesus lizard either.

Anonymous said...

I am so out of the loop this summer...any other fun things going on at our "best" library? I am usually on top of things like this...thanks for sharing.