Tuesday, July 15, 2008

take two

Remember when I told you about the $1 Old Navy flip flops for the girls. Ya know, the ones that were too plain to wear so we added some cuteness. Well, leave it to Miss E to pull the cute sparkly pompoms off right away. Then Miss O was afraid to wear hers because she didn't want the pompoms to fall off. Well, I guess I forgot that hot glue doesn't work on everything! I had to come up with something else to make the flip flops cute again...hmmm, what to do, what to do? I thought about wrapping them in ribbon or tying strips of fabric on for the rag look, but neither idea was fancy enough for me the girls. They wanted the shoes to be fancy! Oh boy, did I find the perfect thing. I was in Walmart and was drawn to a clearance bin in the crafty section. Yeah, they got rid of all the fabric, now out goes the yarn, ribbon, and anything else that I would normally use. Anyway, I found a skein of fuchsia fancy fur with bits of other colors woven in...yeah baby, that's the ticket. So here are the $1 Old Navy flip flops...take two! Soft, fuzzy, firmly attached, and FANCY!
Remember I told you that our second sunflower had bloomed? Well, here is a picture of it...Sunflower Number Two...up close, of course. It did manage to grow about 7-8 feet tall in spite of the storm that nearly uprooted it. It's so beautiful. Next summer I'm going to plant lots and lots of sunflowers.
Okay, so I'm all fired up about sewing right now. I have been looking at the pattern that I want to use for my dress and a pattern for the next dress I want to make for the girls(Simplicity #5226). Miss E took it upon herself to choose what she wanted...the tank top. It went like this:
E: What's this?
me: The pattern for the next dress I want to make for you and O.
E: I want this tank top.
me: Okay, I can make one of those, too.
E: Okay, go ahead.
me: Well, not right now..and I don't have the fabric from the picture.
E: You should go look in your fabric box and get some then.
me: I don't have that color.
E: Just get some out and let me choose.
Later, after the fabric had been chosen and the tank top had been sewn...here you go E, it's done!
E: It doesn't have the ribbon like this picture. (as she points out on the envelope with her little chubby hand)
me: Okay, I'll add ribbon. (thank goodness I had some already...that matched)
After the ribbon was sewn on ....
E: Where's the bow? The picture has a bow to make it fancy.
So now the tank top is done. It's the first thing I whipped together quickly and loosely followed the pattern. Okay, so I'm a little freakish about following the pattern...but with my new found confidence I just dove right in without even flinching! I'm pleased with the result..and yes, I made TWO...one for E and one for Miss O, too. Yes, with the ribbon and bow. Every girl needs to be fancy sometimes :o)


Adrienne said...

ahhh! Too sweet. That conversation sounded like something that could have been had in my house. Love the top, flops and flower!

Zoƫ said...

I love the flops too. That yarn is fun to knit with also. I have made a ton of scarves with it.

I LOVE the tank top. I might have to go get that pattern and try one of Ada. She would love it. And I have to agree with Miss E it would not have been as cute without the bow and ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love the pattern for the tank top. Oh Yeah, I love that you have found the love for sewing too. It satisfies the need to be creative doesn,t it? I want to see it for real. Love Big G

Anonymous said...

I agree about the sewing. I wish mine wasn't broken as I KNOW I would dabble in much more.

The flops are a hit!- with me anyway! Hmm, they don't tickle the piggies, do they?

~ANG said...

Thanks for all the compliments. It was a fun easy pattern.
And, no, the flip flops don't seem to tickle the piggies :o)