Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tins, treks, and tricks

Why do I love alliteration? I don't really know, but I always seem to find myself trying to come up with the perfect words to get my point across. Maybe it's the teacher in me!...If so, let the wondrous words willfully wrestle their way wittingly into my winsome writing. I couldn't resist. The truth is out. I.am.a.total.nerd.
Tins - Yesterday we had another fun lunch...it was Muffin Tin Monday. Again, a huge hit!
Treks - Lately, the girls and I have been going for a nice long walk in the afternoon. Of course, if I know it's going to be a scorcher, we walk in the morning. I took my camera and captured some things that intrigued the girls. I always enjoy capturing what they find fascinating because they see the world so differently.

Tricks - Once again our most fabulous library has brought us
joy! The hosted a "magic show" for the kiddos. Fish the Magish was his name. He was very funny, had some good tricks to share, and kept everyone entertained! He started the show by explaining what an illusion was so that the kids knew it was a "trick for their eyes" and that he wasn't really doing any magic. It was a great show.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, like, She sells sea shells down by the seashore?
Kids usually find them interesting too. Love Big G

~ANG said...

Yeah, when I taught about alliteration and hyperbole the kids always had fun coming up with their own examples.