Friday, July 18, 2008

spontaneous summer fun

Thursday is the day that Grandma and Pop come over to play with the girls and have dinner with us. Well, yesterday, instead of coming over to our house to play, they picked us up and took us to the lake for a couple of hours. The girls loved it! I'm not really a lake person. I prefer pools that I can see through and oceans that constantly move, but it's not about me, right? Anyway, they grew more brave and went out deeper in the water, with Pop of course. I got some great pictures. I think the pictures captured the moment pretty well, so take a look. Pretty little butterflies. The inside of their wings were bright blue.
Sisters have fun together in the deep water.
Splashing on the water's edge. Miss E kept trying to find seashells. We'll have to wait until we go the beach again to find shells.
My big girl really enjoying the water, making her way further from the shore.
After climbing the ladder she looked down at me. So pretty, getting so big.
A woodpecker had been busy on this tree...pretty cool, huh?
Miss E's little hand prints in the sand. A dragonfly trying to be sneaky and hide on the sand. Oh, I see you.
Marching in place made a neat design around her knees...what fun!
Beautiful sky as we were leaving.

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Zoƫ said...

Looks like a great time! I LOVE the 2nd one of the 2 girls! It is wonderful