Thursday, July 10, 2008

waxing and whining

No, I'm not talking about phases of the moon, I'm referring to my own children. Man, oh, man, they have waxy ears. Ears that become so waxy they get clogged. I've taken both or my girls to the doctor to get their ears cleaned...and there is always lots of wax..eeeewwww! Well, now with warmer weather and the habit of sleeping with their blankets over their heads, it seems that the wax is becoming a problem once again. This morning Miss O has been whining and pulling on her ear lobes...which by the way is gross because I can hear them clicking. I swabbed the outer rim of her ear canals to get any wax that is already on it's way out, but evidently there is a lot still in there. Time to make another appointment, I suppose. Of course, copying like any good little sister, Miss E has started whining too. Not for long though, there's too much playing to be done and she forgot :o) Any effective, safe, pain-free remedies out there? I'm open to suggestions.
*Sorry for the pictureless post. I didn't think a gross waxy ear would be fun to see*


Anonymous said...

Ick-- sorry to hear.

They are a bit costly, but I love these. They are ear wax candles! I believe you can only get them at Health Stores. However, they do an amazing job.
It's a tube like stucture that you put in your ear. You light (yes,you heard me correctly) the opposite end. SOMEHOW--SOMEWAY-- it sucks it right out.
I was eery of it at first... but now I am a believer.

~ANG said...

Thanks Amy, I'll be looking for that soon.

Adrienne said...

My mom had that problem ... for some reason hydrogen peroxide with a dropper comes to mind ... I would research that before I did it though!