Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i won!

One blog that I enjoy reading is Hurrayic. She has lots of crafty things going on, plus some real life stuff, too. You should go visit her blog...it's great. Anyway, she's having a Dress-Up Giveaway right now, and I WON giveaway #2!!! I'm so excited! I never win anything...it's really fun to win!...I'm a winner! The only condition is that I make something for the girls' dress-up box with all the goodies she'll be sending me. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!! If you want a peek at what's coming my way, just click here. Oh, and just so you know, Dress-Up Giveaway #3 is going on right now. So, if you want a chance to win the next pile of goodies just head on over there and leave a comment.
Man, what a great way to start the day! Happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ang, Yeah!! I'm glad you are a winner. All that sillver winnings will come in handy to make some really special things for the girls. Love Ya. Big G

~ANG said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited! Of course I may need some help getting my machine to sew through that kind of material. I'll let you know when the prize arrives...I've got fairy costumes just waiting to be made!